Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Papaya Splendor !

From the day break I was very excited to take photos for my blog. This is what I have for you.

I had planted a papaya plant long before. Often I got ripe ones and some times too many that it

overfilled our tummy. But some thing was so special about this papaya. I did just go to take some

photos from my garden. Then by chance I saw a ripe papaya. Usually ripe papayas get eaten by

birds but this one was safe. I was not tall enough to reach that high. So I took a long stick and

gave it a jerk. Then it fell rather good if you catch it or else you would be dipped with its juice.

Yes! This was a small one just what I needed. I ran inside to cut it into halves. I ate one half

delicious it was .have you eaten one? If yes you would find it very much watery. I knew t

hat no

one would eat the other half because all of them hated it. That was what I wanted so that I can

finish the delicious fruit all by myself. But bad luck. Even my sister who hated ate it in one gulp.

anyway not a matter at all many more are there which would ripe soon. You can see those

unripe ones. I would wait for that day to come, and then I would not even cut them into halves.

No No I won’t show it to them at all.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yes, today I thought of writing something for all of you. I hope you have seen my other blogs .You would all give your valuable comments to me cause it is actually those that appreciates me a lot. Wound you?

Today for me it was a lazy day. I had sports day in my school. It would be too

bad to stand under the burning sun and do "march past" . This is an evil to all of us .

No way to escape unless you sit at home to your

hearts content. So me …..sat at home enjoying .It would be rather good if only

there was no Sunday school exam tomorrow. Any

way I had to study else it would be a shame

for my grandfather as he was much famous among our

locality . All this was a great fuss. Any way the nature

was kind on me. It rained so that the hot climate and

my lovely head turned cool. It was very cozy out side. Ha! Just what I wanted.

You just have to sit outside and have a cup of tea . Soon you would be better . I should to make my

mother sit like wise as she was very angry from the day break itself . So see

you tomorrow ......

have a nice day :)

I thou