Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patience to CREATI V ITY !!

Last Sunday I got some free time. So I thought to complete my stitching work which I had started long before.
This one is the photo of my work I took as my stitching proceeded.

You should have a lot of patience to complete such a work which I lacked a bit.
But at the moment I finished it I was dipped in happiness, exactly at the time I crisscrossed the last stitch.
Finally my work came up like this.

But here I can’t say how much patients my Mom was, she had done a big stitch work just the one given below. It took her almost 3 years to complete it. Quite a long period!!!

All this shows me how patience can win over everything.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CraZy ShOpING !!

I have a very exciting thing to share with you.

A new textile shop called “CHENNAI SILKS” has been set up in my place, Kochi . It is a leading textile group which has started its market right from Chennai and so got its name.

Usually the price of cloths in Chennai is comparatively lesser than in Kochi as the textile weaving is a common occupation in there and thus most of the cloths are made there.

I have gone to “CHENNAI SILKS” shop branch in Chennai. So I thought the new branch set up in Kochi will be also great. Thus I insisted on going shopping to this one…..
When we reached there was a heavy rush of people and cars which resulted in heavy traffic blocks even in the road leading to this place.
Finally I got into the shop even though just through the crowd.
Once I entered the big hall I felt really exhausted. The crowd was so bad that we could even not stand properly as the people are busy selecting their cloths.

The construction of this shop is not fully complete. There were only two proper lifts to go by. But this did not matter the huge crowd. Whether the lift came or not people did not even mean to waist a bit of there time in the shop, all were happy climbing the steps that too in double pace.
While all this crush happing in one side I felt truly compressed and irritated in the crowd.

I some how wanted to get out of it. But that too was not possible due to the heavy rush. People entered the shop just like the water falling from waterfalls. Moreover the shop amazingly looked like just one ,watching the people climb down the steps
I never thought that people would be so crazy behind shopping.

Once you visit here, it will remain as a wonder in you forever !!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rain Rain...........

I am sorry for not able to upload for the past days. I was very busy with my studies. Somehow found time to write something interesting.

Yesterday I was coming home from school. It was a pleasant bright evening. All the markets had great sale with people filled in. Crows were flying all around and singing there wonderful song. Cra cra. In a moment I noticed cars fro the opposite direction coming all wet and there wheels running a trail of water. For a moment I was shocked why on such a pleasant daycares coming wet! Then to my surprise I found a great sound of drops of water hitting the bus top. The roads were wet as a lake and all the people had umbrellas in their arms and even people running for shelter. I was sure all these didn’t happen in a second and when I turned back and looked to my surprise found, A line like the International date line which makes the time different in two region. But here it was not time but water. In the correct middle of the market had the rain stopped and we entered in just a few minutes ago. It was indeed a shook for me. I was watching the market what would happen half raining and another half not a drop.

All the people rushed into the ones not raining and got a huge profit where as the other side suffered.