Saturday, February 28, 2009

AM I CRYING ??????.....

Today I had to help my mother in making peanut package. I simply had the job of chopping the vegetables for her. I had a tomato, some mint, and an onion. When I finished the tomato and mint I had the onion to chop. In a few minutes my eyes were full of tears. I wiped and wiped but the tears had no end at all. I know, While chopping onions, chewing a chewing gum can prevent tears but were to get a chewing gum from?

The only way was to leave the onions there and wash my eyes but I had kept a bet with my sister that I will chop all the vegetables in 10 minutes. If I leave the onions there, I am sure to loose the challenge. So I kept on chopping the onions.

Reason behind your tears
when you cut open onions, something called Sulfenic Acid is formed which vaporizes... Now this gas, comes in contact with the moisture in our eyes, and forms a mild Sulphuric Acid, of other things. Hence causes the irritation!!

thanx to Pranav Kumar for this kind information :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oscar Millionaires

“Slumdog Millionair” directed by Danny Boyle banged eight Oscars for best direction, original score, adapted-screenplay, original song, cinematography sound mixing and film editing.
This film features the life of a boy who leaved in the slums of Mumbai which is acted up by an upcoming actor Dev Patel and upcoming actress Fredia Pinto.
A R Rahman banged double Oscars for the Original Score and Original song “Jai ho” which he shared with lyricist Gulzar.
Personally I am a big fan of A R Rahman’s compositions.
Here is the Oscar winning song for you
click here

Another Indian to bang an Oscar was Resul Pookutty who got the award for best sound mixing.

My hearty congratulations for all the Oscar winners who made the world proud of their skills!
Good luck !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Golden Tales !

Today I was overexcited for my father went to buy new fishes for my aquarium .I was impatiently waiting for my father to come back .Just then I went to see the aquarium ready for the fishes to swim, in other words the aquarium was waiting impatiently for the beautiful fishes….

As I was waiting impatiently I heard a horn blowing at my gate. Who could be it?
Oh No! It was my father! Yea!!!!

With curiosity I asked him for the fishes. With a desperate face he told me that the shop was closed so he was not able to buy the fishes. For a moment I hoped it to be a prank on me.

Of course it was….thank god!
He gave me the cover which had two fishes swimming gladly in it. The fishes looked very beautiful and lovely.

Then I made the fishes in to my lovely aquarium. It was very much pleasing to see the fishes
Glide their soft fins in the water….
I sat gazing at them….. may be for hours!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is Special ?

Tomorrow 18 of February a very important day in my life.
Can you guess what it is?
Here are the clues you require…..

. All of you certainly have a particular date like this
. This was a day when you first saw the earth
. You get older as these days come across
. You may cut a cake and blow out the candle on this day
. There is much to celebrate

I believe so that you all guessed it perfectly right.

Yea ! It’s my birthday…..
A day to celebrate …

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Spiritual Remembrance

Today there was a religious procession in front of my house till the church nearby. It was celebrated on the remembrance of saint Alphonsa who created a great change in our society.
It was celebrated in a majestic way which bought many eyes staring on the street. Every one stood very spiritually at this celebration. I too was one among them.
Here are some photos which I gathered…

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Between The FuzzzzzzzZZ

Yesterday my mother went on her scooter for buying the vegetables. Suddenly she had to stop the scooter as it slid to the left side. Unfortunately in was in a pit that she placed the leg and thus it got fractured.
Now my mom cannot move a bit from the bed as the leg is plastered till the knee.
Tomorrow my unit exam starts. I am to work for it. Along with all this today I had to attend a marriage ceremony too.
Just see all these fuzz ,accompanied at the right time.
Hope and work for the best that’s what I am doing now…..

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Color Play

After school I had a lot of time left at home. I thought of doing something very creative and beautiful.
What could I do?
May be a piece of paper and bright colors will do it all. So did I. I gathered all of the things required and then searched for a beautiful scenery to paint a piece of art.
yappiii! Relieved I was to get a simple as well as a beautiful picture as a model to draw . Just what I wanted and thought for .

I sat with it for about an hour or two almost drenched in the colors of beautiful scenery. I enjoyed every bit of it even without knowing the time passing by.

The result of the work turned out to be very pleasing and bright. So do I hope you all enjoy my piece of art :)