Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mushy Roof ….

I had made a small square garden at the backyard of my house a little long ago.
I had never taken the pain of looking them ever since I had made it.
Today I felt very bored at home so I thought of throwing a glance at
my garden. I was a bit curious to know whether my garden still survived with at least
one little plant .But nothing did ,I understood as I approached . My square
patch was not even visible as it was crowed with grasses of all kinds.
Then suddenly my eyes stuck at something white between the greeny weeds.
Yo !! it was two mushrooms.
I am really fond of mushrooms because they are very soft.
And moreover they were not ordinary found ones in our place. It had a different texture and fairly large.
Can’t you see some brown spots on top of it. Doesn’t it look like some Oats sprinkled on top ?

I went on exploring it by plucking one off.
Then I turned it upside down to see the texture beneath.

Doesn’t it look like many soft flaps arranged together in a circular manner.
Really fascinating of what they look like.
Truly it looks like a mush room which would be very cozy to live in ….

Monday, May 25, 2009

In a Houseboat

Yesterday I had a trilling day with my family. We had gone to Kumarakam for boating in a house boat. Kumarakam is an important tourist center in Kerala (India) exceptionally for backwater cruising in houseboats. I have never gone in a houseboat so I was very trilled to get in to one and to know how it looks inside.
Wow !! it looked like a luxury house inside with bedrooms ,kitchen and well for an open air dining and sitting space. I had never expected for such luxurious things in a boat.
Great it was!!!

At last the boat slowly began to move away from the shore. There were also many houseboats like ours starting the journey. The sceneries we saw in the backwaters were brilliant. They were became even more beautiful with coconut trees as a lining of horizon. There were high tides which kept the boat shaking but it was not felt by any of us.
After the two hours they stopped the boat in the middle of the backwaters for us to have lunch .I ate my lunch very fast that I could go fishing, which I have never done. But to say fishing needs a lot of patience for the fishes were very cunning. My sister also accompanied me with her fishing rod. She was not at all patient thereby lifting the fishing rod in every seconds.
Pew ! and so at last I got a fish .I had a loud scream of joy….he he he .indeed it was a great thing ….
Once again the journey started between the huge stretch of backwaters which was very peaceful and soothing . We did not even see each other in the boat because all were enjoying the charm of nature.
Soon it became dark so that we could not see any thing out . We thought of sleeping and waking the morning early too……so we went to our bedrooms in the houseboat for sleeping. Really charming the night was for the next morning again in the backwaters……………pleasing…..!
I must never forget it ever ……………..!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UummM…. Golden Fruit

Lately we have been to our grandmother’s house. It was great fun in the fields.
So when we were to leave there, our grandfather gave us a great surprise, A lovely large jackfruit. Well, a jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world with lot of spines as it’s cover. Inside it is layers of golden yellow, very bright . It is very sweet and tasty too. Inside those, are its seeds with which we make tasty side dish, it is a very good medicine for cancer. Surprising !!!

When we reached home my mom was busy separating the different layers of the huge fruit. I and my sister was sitting beside her waiting impatiently. This time we were sure not to finish it like the pickle or infact there was tooooooo much to finish up. We had a great fest, our tummy’s full. Jackfruits are tooo big to finish it in a day or maybe two. My mom told that we should not keep it for tomorrow because it may get spoilt. I ate it till my tummy was full with it.

After a bit I became fed up eating so much though I was eager at first.
Only then did my dad’s dad came with a jackfruit which was given to him by one of his friends. He said that those were very ripe and so it is very sweet. He also said not to keep it for tomorrow because it may get over ripen. I was amazed thinking and tensed of how I will be able to have them too as it is a very big fruit. So I thought of giving this one to my one and only little sister and great deal with the neighbors !!!!!!!

So it ended with all happy ……

Friday, May 15, 2009

Butterfly Garden....!!

I was very busy for a few days because my cousins were at home.
We had a lot of fun playing together and today morning we left for the play park close by for making the day more interesting .

The best was that we saw a board before the play park leading to butterfly garden . “BUTTERFLY GARDEN” exclaimed my cousins. they were much curious for the butterflies than the play park .so do I …

Of we lead to the butterfly garden which I have never heard of and sounded strange.
Soon we reached the magnificent garden with climbers as a huge door way. The garden was crowded with colorful flowers and shrubs which was very beautiful. But we were not able to spot much of butterflies except for a few commonly seen variety.

We were disappointed to see that the butterfly garden had everything except butterflies.
Any way we got into the garden squeezing the doorway made of climbers.
Oh my God!! There we saw lots and lots of butterflies flapping close to us.
Where did they all come from ???
We were surprised to see…..!
Only then did we notice that all the butterflies were hiding by the flowers drinking the nectar. Great isn’t it ?

Really a great idea of a live garden……I had a huge thought about how they managed to attract butterflies by providing the essential flower plants.
We all had a loud cry of joy seeing the butterflies…..

My God !! I must admit that this well remain as a great experience in my life for I have not seen anything like this ~ …!!
To see more exciting and beautiful butterflies I saw in the garden visit my nature photo blog
Cheers !

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur Pooram is the annual temple festival of the town of Thrissur in Kerala, India.
It is one of the most colourful temple festival of Kerala which attracts large masses of devotees and spectators from all parts world and this year I was able to see Thrissur Pooram before my eyes. It was very different and colorful which could make anyone enjoy

Thrissur Pooram is celebrated at the premises of the Vadakkunnathan Temple, situated on a hillock (Thekkinkadu maidan) right in the centre of the city, on the Pooram day in the month of Medom (April-May). This year it was on May 3 & 4.

The most impressive processions are from the Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple and the from Paramekkavu temple. Processions of richly caparisoned elephants accompanied by percussion ensembles from various neighbouring temples culminate at the Vadakumnathan temple. The marvellous as well as magical effect of the Panchavadyam, a combination of five percussion and wind instruments is to be felt and enjoyed.

The pooram festival is well known for the magnificent display of fireworks. The climax of the festival is the exhibition of thirty elephants and the famous fireworks at 2.30 am local time.

Hope you enjoyed this strange festival post.!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

custards on my tree!!!!!!!!

When I was small I had planted a custard apple plant in my backyard. Those were my favorite fruits. Today when we (I and my sister) were playing hide and seek, I hid behind the custard tree. I was stock still taking a deep breath. My sisters’ ears are very sharp, she always find me hearing my huffing. I looked around for my sis and oh what did I see, there were about five small custard apples on my tree. It is the first time it is getting fruits. I was overjoyed and gave a yell MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM, MY CUSTARD TREE GOT FRUITS. Hearing this, my sister came running. What do you think she must have said? I found you! I found you!