Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mango mela

This week was mango mela for us. We got mangoes from every where we went. From our neighbors, Grandma, friends and my own dear mango tree.
We didn’t know what to do with all those raw mangoes but filled are tummies with the ripe ones. We didn’t want to wait till they ripe because we got fed up eating the ripe ones.

Then my sister suggested to make mango pickle with it. She loves pickle. No other way to utilize the mangoes and decided to make pickle with it. My mother asked to help her for she can’t manage the pickle herself. My mother asked us to slice the mangoes for her and that was way too boring that eating some along made it much more better.

Then when all the mangoes where sliced my mother put salt and said that we will wait till the mangoes absorb the salt and she left. I was not able to keep myself from eating those salted mangoes that I stole into the kitchen when I found another thief eating the mangoes. It was my sister we both where surprised to see each other in the kitchen.

Anyway I ate till my stomach was full and when my mom came to taste the salted mangoes to her surprise she found the salted mango was half in quantity and knowing it was us she proceeded with the next step that was to pour oil into a vessel and add a few ingredients and chilly powder in it and put the salted mango in it and stir it then we with our tongue watering said that we are going to taste it and ate little every time and when it was dinner time when my mom went to take the pickle . What did she find!!!!!!!The pickle vessel empty!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Any peacocks peaking by?

Today I had a function to attend in my cousin’s house. They have a large piece of land there. We have heard that peacocks live in those fields and come close to their home frequently. So they have got a huge collection of peacock feathers which they get fallen from the peacock’s body.
So today my uncle told that we ( me, my sister and our cousins) were to go out to the fields and see those peacocks peaking there. It was my wish to see one and now it is going to be true. So we set of together to the fields.

To see those peacocks we had a long journey to go. While I was going down the stone steps I lost my grip and I was on the ground. It did hurt a lot but my mind was badly willing to see those beautiful peacocks that I acted like nothing happened though my leg was aching. We hadn’t gone far when we saw two peacocks and their children peaking worms. I didn’t know how to express my joy and so I exploded

Saying cro cro crou those peacocks Fred for their lives and disappeared in a minute. Everybody looked at me rudely. “Sorry” was the only word which came in my mouth then.
My uncle said. That it was time to leave and we all left disappointed because we were not even able to look at them properly. We left very sadly but was very happy when we found peacock feathers on the way. Each of us took one of them. after we divided I decided that next time when I see peacocks I will keep the quietest.
Or would I be able to?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My leafy zoo

Today I didn’t have anything special to do. Sitting bored I decided to do something different, something very creative.

Then an idea clicked my mind. Why not make an animal zoo with stones. I began to hunt for the correct size stones. I didn’t get them correct .When I found the leaves much more ideal for the animal zoo. So I started collecting the leaves and I thought. What should I inaugurate the zoo with…A Bird .yes a bird would do.

Every time birds sing and fly around. So they are the best celebrities. How is my zoo’s inaugurator? Is she looking smart? Ok now what else…yep a donkey.

Aren’t they smart animals which help us with the load. How is he? Then what else? A little squirrel.

He is my special leaf squirrel. What next? Something rare .A turtle.

Hope he looks like one. Those are the only four leafy animals I want in my zoo. Hope you enjoyed the trip to my leafy zoo.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday !!

Today it is a very happy day for me.
Its my sister’s 11th birthday. This is the gift I had for her.
She is very happy about that

My mom made the birthday cake this time with a little help from mine and then we had my grandma’s special mango shake which was really delicious.
Tonight we are going to have a very heavy dinner. So I thought of publishing this post before dinner which makes me very very sleepy.
I am anxiously waiting for the dinner.
So see you soon ….

Monday, April 13, 2009


Today it is Vishu in my place.
Vishu is the New Year of Malayalis – it is the astronomical or zodiac New Year in Kerala and is observed on the first day of the Malayalam month of ‘medam.’ Historically the festival is closely associated with the agrarian economy of Kerala – a state is the southern part of India. The highlight of the festival is Vishukani, Vishukaineetam and Vishubhalam. In 2009, the date of Vishu is April 14.

The Vishu day celebrations begin with the ‘Vishukani.’ ‘Vishu Kani’ is the first auspicious thing that people see on the day and this takes place during the Brahma Muhurta or ideally between 0400 hrs and 0600 hrs.

The ‘Vishukani’ is usually prepared on the night before the Vishu day. Immediately on awakening from sleep, people close their eyes and proceed towards the place where Vishukani is placed. This is known as Kani Kanal – kani means ‘that which is seen first.’

Vishukani consists of rice, kasavu mundu (traditional cloth of Kerala), gold, silver, coins, mirror (usually Aranmula Kannadi or mirror with a tail), cucumber, mango, jackfruit, coconut, banana, and Kanikonna (yellow flower known as Indian Laburnum, the first photo). The Vishukani is exhibited in an ‘urali’ – a traditional vessel of Kerala. It is placed in front of an idol or portrait of Lord Krishna. Traditional Kerala lamp is lit near it.

Then, the eldest member in the family gives ‘Vishukaineetam’ to the family members. The Vishukaineetam is usually coins but nowadays people also prefer other expensive gifts. Hindus then worship at nearby Sri Krishna temples.
Vegetarian food, consisting of traditional Kerala fare, is prepared on the day and includes the mouthwatering ‘payasam.’

From an astrological point of view, Vishu is of immense significance. The day and night are of equal duration on the Vishu day (12 hours). ‘Vishubhalam’ or the predictions for the next year is read on the day.

The preparation for next agricultural season begins on the Vishu day. Earlier, farmers used to plough the land on this day and it was referred as ‘Vishupootu.’
It must be noted that Vishu is not the first day in the regional solar calendar followed in Kerala. The Malayalam Calendar begins in Chingam (August).

Now I am again going to my grandfather’s house. I won’t be there in the blogg world for a few days.

Enjoy !!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter on Way

Today I went for Good Friday ceremony at church. It is a very long ceremony which starts from 9am and lasts till 3 or may be 4pm. According to our custom we are not to take any food in the morning as well as in the noon. As a sign of sadness, the church will be made dull by using black colored clothes and moreover the people who participate in the ceremony also wear black or dull colored dress. These things together make us feel dull and sad.

When the ceremony ends food will be provided to all by the church itself. This is a great experience because all the people gathered in the church sit together, talk and have their food. And moreover the food tastes very delicious because of the hunger prevailing. I must say the food tastes very different and yummy!!!!!

Any how I am anxiously waiting for Easter to come like you all.
HAPPY EASTER !!!! for all of you

I am going to my cousin’s home to celebrate this Easter. So I be away for two days

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MEeee !!!!!!!!

Since two days in my place we were having dreadful lighting and thunder during the evenings.
Yesterday I went for a walk down the road when I saw the sky darken because of the rain clouds. I was happy in one way that it would bring down the temperature drastically.
As I felt that rain would slash out in any moment I started to run back home. Gentle cool breeze was skipping through my arms, I enjoyed it much. But later it turned out to a heavy storm opposing my direction of motion.

By the time I was home lighting followed by thunder began. The rain wasn’t heavy at all by the lighting had made it bright and the thunder pierced into my ears.

When both appeared together I must say that the earth was almost rumbling.
All these days I was longing for rain to calm down the temperature but who would ever long for such dreadful rain.

Some how as time passed all of it got over. Then I switched on to the television.
Oh gosh !!! my television got damaged due to those nasty lighting. Then I tried a hand checking the computer. “Thank” god it was safe. Now I have nothing much to do at home.

Today also we had this sort of rain . But before the lighting began all the plugs were removed from their socket for I didn’t want anything more to get damaged.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hosanna in light

Today as it was hosanna we went to church early than usual time.
I love this day because the church become colorful and beautiful than usual.

Hosanna begins with a ceremonial procession around the church, with people holding the palm leaves and singing hosanna forms the highlight of the day’s ceremony. During this procession the children spread flowers on the way making the ceremony more enchanting.
This procession is done sticking onto the belief of the royal celebration held for Jesus who was moving to Jerusalem on his donkey back.

Usually the hosanna celebration begins at the break of dawn for the children who run to collect the best of flowers from their garden in the hope to spread it in church for the arrival of Jesus.

Palm Sunday is also called Kurutholapperunnal in my place.
We use tender coconut palm leaves for hosanna may be due to its availability in plenty.
I like its bright greenish shade very much.
Have you seen one? Don’t they look fresh and marvelous?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun behind Use

Here I have got a video that you would truly enjoy.
It is a bit funny to see but it consists of an enchanting vision of future

The only fact I know about this car is that it uses an old Egyptian technology.
I wonder how people of those days had a great vision like this one for the future
It seems extremely funny but there is a great use hidden behind it…
I must admit that it is very easy to park a car like this one in a crowded place without any second thought . But if though we own a car like this I am sure people will laugh at (including me) without knowing the great use behind or may be knowingly.

I really am doubted now thinking how it does appear funny ?????