Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Wishes :)

*The New Year is upon us
*May it bring hope and anticipation in you
In our faith we must thrust
*There is a cause of celebration in all
*May all your dreams come true
*May good health always follow you
*May it bring blessings to your family
*May you built memories to treasure
*May your wishes be granted as well
*May this year bring you much pleasure
*May this year leave you with a great story to tell
*May you find happiness in your heart
*May you find joy and never be sad
*May your resolution give you a new start
*Let this be the best year you have ever had

These are some hopes that will make your new year joyful .
Only a few seconds are left for bidding 2008 and welcoming 2009.
Lets wait for it ……….

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Visitor

Today in the evening me and my sister was having a game

of badminton. As we were playing ,the cork fall out of our

compound. I ran out to take it. There I saw a goat grazing

along the street enjoying the tender grass. I watched it very

carefully and found that the goat was walking towards our

neighborhood for the tender leaves of the jackfruit tree

which was cut down just a day before. I have heard my

mom say that goats are especially very fond of jackfruit

leaves .So did this goat showed its fondness to the jackfruit

leaves. After enjoying this delicious meal it took a few steps

towards me. I did utilize this opportunity well enough. I took

a quick glance at it. It was white in color. Very fare it was .just at this second I heard a loud scream. Oh no! It was my

sister. She wanted me to return and play with her. I had forgotten all about our game. By this loud scream the goat

almost got numb with fear and ran down the street for its life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life In My Hands!

Some days ago I had seen a humming bird nest on a plant in my backyard.

It had made its nest in a calm dry edge where the rain could not extend its wet hands. The bird

had made it such a way that there was a roof like thing above. I never did venture to look inside

the nest whether there were eggs or not. But soon I had an opportunity to see it though sadly.

Today morning I went to watch the nest but I was not able to see it hang on the plant. But I saw it on the ground .Oh! It had fallen down. How painful.

I gently took the nest and looked inside. There were two little brown eggs. Thank God!

they were not broken. My next step was to hang it safely again so that the bird can hatch

its lovely eggs. I bought a rope, very strong one and tied the nest to another strong branch. I was afraid whether the mother bird would return to its nest. But to my surprise the bird came and got into its nest happily and thankfully looked at me. I became proud of myself for helping the bird out form the misery and the bird gave me a thankful smile as a reward.

I think I had made the nest more comfortable for the bird because as it was with a rope that I had tied the nest swayed to the breeze like a cradle.

Now I am looking forward the eggs to hatch into beautiful humming birds!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Sweet Day!

Sorry……… I was not able to upload for the past few days because I was very busy with my

exams. One more exam is got to finish this Monday then I would be free for my X’mas holidays.

Today I spend most of my time plucking the mangoes. There are a lot of mangoes in our

mango tree. But they are not ripe though we had to pluck the mangoes because the people

passing by the road pluck it. And they sometimes do throw stones to get one. Once our window

pane had broken so. So we always are very careful about that. It is very difficult to pluck

mangoes from the tree because it is too high. Usually we attach the net to a long bamboo stick to

pluck mangoes though the bamboo stick is too heavy to carry. Anyway I somehow managed to

pluck some mangoes with it.

Very delicious it is to eat unripe mangoes with salt and chilly powder. It is so delicious and

very spicy too. Have a try with this combination. You would never forget its spicy and delicious


I am glad to have such a mango tree because every season I gets enough mangoes though the

mango season is summer.

How sweet………………..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Bright Night

Two days back I was studying almost about seven in the evening. My studies

was very much disturbed because a group of my neighbors were talking very

loudly. So I just tried to look them through the window and make out why they

were talking so much.

Wow ! it was so beautiful. There I saw one house glowing in the dark. they had

lighted the whole house with “diyas”. As usual I ran out with my camera to

capture this sight. my neighbor was very happy to see me take photo of their

house and so she was very interested to lend some information to me.

She told that it was one Thrikkartika day

that they light their house with “diyas”.

In detail Thrikkarthika the most

important function among Brahmins (a division of Hindu’s,a

caste).Thrikkarthika is defined as the

Festival of Lights.

Then she invited me into main hall of their house and showed some food

preparations which they had kept for their God and some lanterns. This

preparation included banana and some other things like avil, malar ect . she

told that according to their custom at any hindu festivals they keep such a

preparation before their God “Ganapathy” and only after that they would eat .

After some time I came back home and I also thanked here for sharing


Maybe this made her very happy that she came gave that food preparation to us.

Yumm…. It was very sweet and tasty.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Change Awaiting !

Some days ago I had seen a caterpillar move about my walls. I thought of

throwing it away because its spines can cause irritation where ever it gets in.

once this had happen to me when I was very small. I was not at all able to move

my hand because its spines where pricking on to my hand. I still remember that.

Later I forgot about throwing the caterpillar out. This caterpillar was not

so beautiful though it was black.

Soon I saw some yarn like structure in that place. I guessed it was the

caterpillar’s cocoon. But this cocoon did not have a specific shape. It was

much like a spider web and inside it I saw the caterpillar hide like a


As days passed I was very anxious to know the caterpillar’s development .

now a great change had happened

Today as I looked forward I saw some orange color in the cocoon.

I guessed it to be the caterpillar’s wings. Hope it to be so.

There is much more in stock for me. I believe so. Just need to wait for a

few days.

Good Luck :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Delicious Noon

My mom made kheer as today was her birthday. Have you drank one? it is very sweet and

delicious. In them there are some that tastes extraordinary. One such is “palada” my favorite

and my mom just had made that one. How exiting.

Then she kept an order that I should only have it after lunch. The reason behind this was that I

won’t eat any thing for lunch if I had something before it. She always places such orders often.

How would you feel if something delicious is kept before you and you are not expected to eat

that? So bad.

My tongue was slipping to the kitchen but my mom stood as a guard there. What could I do to

have it? Then the idea struck me of having the lunch very early so I would be able to have the

kheer early too.

So I had my lunch about eleven and ran out to take the kheer.

Yumm….. it was so delicious. My sister also ran to have it. Even one minute did not take to finish

the kheer .

You know that every thing will be so good if you have something after testing your patience. So

did this one too…

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A coconut day


Today at morning as I woke up I saw my grandfather come with a man.

ma He was a coconut tree climber.
In our region coconuts are very important. Almost all homes had
coconut trees and in all our food preparations coconut does a major part.
Eating a tender coconut was very delicious and different from eating ordinary coconut. The coconut trees are always very

tall so we can’t pluck the coconuts just with our hands. Usually there are many people who take
climbing these trees as their work. Often such people ask high wages too. Really this is a very

dangerous as well as a risky work. One such man was this one.

He climbed up the tree and put them on to the ground. “Thud” the coconut fall down with a loud
sound. Any way coconuts won’t break because it has a thick spongy coating outside


protects it. After a while the man came down. Then I and my

young sister piled the coconuts up

and our mother packed them into the sacks for storing. All this work was very interesting and

exiting. After this excitement some thing very special awaited us

at the end. All to gather we got

four sacks full of lovely coconuts.

How exiting!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Good life skill

Every Friday we have life skill classes. It was put on the last two class hours. We

always wondered what we were up to do. Often we went to places like news paper

office, post office etc to learn some things which were different. Even though we

did not enjoy this too much, today’s class was great.

It was a surprise that we were told to make eco friendly

pens. To make one is very simple. You just need to take

a color paper, wrap it around the pen’s refill tightly.

Then likewise make a cap out of paper. That’s all,

simple to do. But if you want it beautiful and creative it would take some time.

With my mind filled I took all what was required to make.

I tried on it hardly. It took me some time to finish though I got

a neat beautiful pen, while others were trying hard on it. I

was very excited about this because rarely such things

happen to me.

So I bought my pen on to my blog so that you can value my

creativity. What about it?

Good luck ^-^

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hurry Burry

I had to go to the school at 7.15 am. So I wake up at 6.00 am. Usually I

spend a little time for my blog. Today morning I was very much involved in

the computer that I forgot to note the time. Time passed by. I suddenly

remembered of time. Then it was all hurry. I did

not even eat anything nor

did I comb my hair. I just put on my bag and ran

to the bus stop.

In the road I saw man with his dog. As soon as I

saw the dog, I reduced my

speed and tried on walking. Just as we were to

cross, the dog leaped over

me with its mouth open. I screamed.

The dog licked me all around. Then the man dragged the dog and went

away. Now I had to clean myself . How could I? Only thing I can do was to

run to the bus stop as fast as I could. Thank God. I just got my school


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Attractive Magnets......

At night we went for purchasing some goods for home. We bought some vegetables and some

articles. And there were very beautiful magnets in that super

market but those were very costly. Anyone would try to touch

their smooth surface and see. So did I. I took four them and then

kept them back. But any how my mind was aspiring of it. After our

purchase we paid the bill and came back home.

For opening the locked door I took the key, which was right there,

in my hand.

What a gift ! Two magnets were sticking on to my key chain. Anyway I had not stolen them! But

those were kind to me . Now I can use them for decorating my refrigerator. How cool………

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More About The Smiling Moon

Today the smiling moon was the main talk in all mouths. All news papers circulated this

news. And I tried to gather more about this unusual happening. One of my friends told me that

such an arrangement only happens once in hundred years. Any way there is every chance that

this notion is wrong.

I had told you that those eyes resembled planets .Yes! It was Jupiter and Venus. How exciting

that I was able to see such a wonder with my own eyes.

One of my teacher told that today night too this smile will be visible.

But this was a vain promise. Anyway I saw Jupiter, Venus as well as the moon too.

But in a different way, the moon was sad. What a disappointment……..

Monday, December 1, 2008

Smiling Moon

Today I was in the wonder what I could present before you. But the solution got

closer to me as the night fall. And what I have for you is something very unusual.

Today by seven I got a strange telephone call from my friend. She was in a hurry and

asked me to look out for the sky. “Something is very special for you there” She told.

What could I find in the night sky? May be a planet or a shooting star.

I ran out with joy to view the hidden surprise in the night sky. Nothing could I find

except for some twinkling stars as a tall building stood before me hiding the surprise.

So I just walk out a little distance on the road.

Wow! Great. I saw a smiling face looking at me. It was non other than our moon

with twinkling stars as its eyes. I ran to take my camera and I tried to take some

exiting shorts for you and these are what I got. Seeing my hurry a person walking by

informed me that this was just shown in the news channel. Anyway later I got

another information that the eyes of the smiling face was not stars but planets!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Papaya Splendor !

From the day break I was very excited to take photos for my blog. This is what I have for you.

I had planted a papaya plant long before. Often I got ripe ones and some times too many that it

overfilled our tummy. But some thing was so special about this papaya. I did just go to take some

photos from my garden. Then by chance I saw a ripe papaya. Usually ripe papayas get eaten by

birds but this one was safe. I was not tall enough to reach that high. So I took a long stick and

gave it a jerk. Then it fell rather good if you catch it or else you would be dipped with its juice.

Yes! This was a small one just what I needed. I ran inside to cut it into halves. I ate one half

delicious it was .have you eaten one? If yes you would find it very much watery. I knew t

hat no

one would eat the other half because all of them hated it. That was what I wanted so that I can

finish the delicious fruit all by myself. But bad luck. Even my sister who hated ate it in one gulp.

anyway not a matter at all many more are there which would ripe soon. You can see those

unripe ones. I would wait for that day to come, and then I would not even cut them into halves.

No No I won’t show it to them at all.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yes, today I thought of writing something for all of you. I hope you have seen my other blogs .You would all give your valuable comments to me cause it is actually those that appreciates me a lot. Wound you?

Today for me it was a lazy day. I had sports day in my school. It would be too

bad to stand under the burning sun and do "march past" . This is an evil to all of us .

No way to escape unless you sit at home to your

hearts content. So me …..sat at home enjoying .It would be rather good if only

there was no Sunday school exam tomorrow. Any

way I had to study else it would be a shame

for my grandfather as he was much famous among our

locality . All this was a great fuss. Any way the nature

was kind on me. It rained so that the hot climate and

my lovely head turned cool. It was very cozy out side. Ha! Just what I wanted.

You just have to sit outside and have a cup of tea . Soon you would be better . I should to make my

mother sit like wise as she was very angry from the day break itself . So see

you tomorrow ......

have a nice day :)

I thou