Monday, March 29, 2010

A creative innovation

In our summer vacation we are given holiday home works and projects. I have started with them. All these days I was trying out the needle work project. It was said we could make anything which involves a design. I thought and thought what to make and at last came over the idea of making a bag. It was a very interesting process. On the first days of my holidays I stitched the strip in peach color. I took a design of the roses since I was really found of them. I feel that I have done a good job. This took me more than 3 days to complete. So I think that I will have the whole vacation filled with holiday projects. The pleasure I received after making the bag is sooooooooo much that I am sooooooo thrilled to go shopping with!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Celebrating Hosana!

Today we were celebrating the holy and spiritual hosanna in the remembrance of Jesus Christ on the back of an ass with people calling out loud Hosanna! Hosana!. So today in the church we had special ceremonies and possessions. Each one in the congregation was given a tender coconut leaf problaly because of its more availability than palm leaves in order to celebrate the Jesus Christ’s arrival. Everybody bring flowers to lay on the way of the Jesus Christ’s arrival. It was indeed a spiritual occasion which makes my belief stronger in the Lord the God.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Attractive flies!!

It is long since we received rain that our temperatures were shooting up every day. Yesterday night it rained quite heavily at our place. That rain has cleaned the atmosphere. I have learnt that the first rains are dangerous for it washes the atmosphere clean. I didn’t know anything else that took place . Wait till I tell what happened.
I was having a bad cold and cough. So that I went to get rid of this , at the earliest. I am my dad left at dusk so that all the street lights were on. On the way to the clinic I found a lot of insects near the street lights. Under one street light there were more than hundreds of insects fluttering about. When I showed this to my dad he told me that they are a type of ant which developed its wings today morning. I asked my father how he knew that those insects developed its wings today morning. He said that the insects develop their wings in the first rains.
At the doctor’s clinic there were loads of flies as well as lizards. There were many frogs on the road as well. Any way this first rains is a real boon for the lizards and frogs.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Road Tarring!!!

Today was quite a bussy day. All roads of our colony was being tarred so there was so must dust, smoke and noise all around. Today I didn’t have anything special to do so I kept hanging about near the road. Tarring was quite a long process. First some woman broomed the road. Later on metal mixed with tar was laid, with the tractor rolling over the road to fix the metal in place.
I was admired by the people who tarred the road so that they can meet their bread for the day. I felt that those people worked very hard to meet their needs but we people simply earn money. Then I felt that life is really very very different for each individual on earth. I find life fun for I am in my childhood but for adults life is stressed and they mainly focus about their job. Life varies for each individual that I decided not to find life an easy game but a tough game of hard work.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What to do?

After the heavy buss of studies I have decided to continue blogging. As you can guess as we go to higher classes how difficult it is to concentrate on blogging as well as studies. That is why I had kept blogging aside for a period of time. Today all my exams got over and my school has closed for a term of two months. So from today I am free bird. I am utter confusion what to do these days. I don’t know what to do or how to spend my time. I have decided not to spend my day sin front of television instead something that can improve myself. Writing ‘My Vision’ as well as writing poems has really improved my language as well as my imagination. As I told you just suggest me a few things to do in this holidays which includes different and various activities. So that I can enjoy these days in an odd way!!!!!!!!!!!!