Sunday, March 29, 2009

What was That ???

Yesterday’s night was a terrible one for me..

At about 4:00 I heard a sound from my backyard.
My mom had kept some old aluminum curtain rods to support the climber plants in the backyard. I recognized the sounds to be of those aluminum rods falling and feared it to be a thief .
I supposed this might have happened due to the thief hurrying to get into our house.!!

Suddenly I called out for my mom. She looked at the time and said it to be 4 am and then no thief would dare to come in cause its going to be morning soon..

But my mind was still alert for the thief and further more sounds. I saw sweet dreams may be in my unconscious mind ,fighting with the thief and handing him to the police ,even winning the award for bravery too.

As I opened my eyes I saw morning in front of me.
Gosh! I saw dreams and slept without being alert of those sounds. What must have happened? Has the thief got into our house??

I ran downstairs and checked for any damage for either the doors. Nop !! Not any. I clamed myself down restlessly. I was much more curious to know what caused that strange sound. Still I could not make myself sure that it was not a thief.

I opened the door and ran to the backyard .With a sudden bump something hit me! Something white.. I could not recognize it at all in my mind which was swelled with all emotions.. I burst out into a yell, not at all loud. Not a bit of sound was coming out due to my dread.!!!!!!!!!

Yea !! “ IT WAS just A CAT” my goodness!! Thank god!!
I could only recognize the cat as it reached half its way. It must have slept there all night !!

See how much fuss a little cat can cause.!!!!!!!!!!!
After some time I burst out of laughter thinking how fearful I am

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thinker Award :D

Hi every one….

Here are the winners of the puzzle…

Congratulations for participating and answering the puzzle. I must admit that you all are really brave …you are just marvelous!!!!!!

I am presenting this twisted thinker award to

Well now lets move on to the solutions of the puzzle
You can solve this puzzle many ways..

Solution 1 - put 4 and 6 on either side of 1.Then the number order will be

Solution 2 - Move the 1 ball to the right of 3 and move 4 centered under 5 & 6

Solution 3 - Move the 1 ball to the right of 3 and move 6 centered under 5 & 4

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A puzzle for YOU!!!!

I was not able to concentrate much on my blog because of my exams ..
It got over today…..the last exam was Maths….
it was a bit tricky …So I decided to give you all a logical and tricky puzzle

Work your intestines well!!!!! You may get within a second

Here there are 6 balls. Each are numbered from1 to 6 for your convenient answering. You are supposed to change two balls (in figure one) and make its direction upside down as in figure two. You can write your answer by specifying the number order you get after you solve.

I expect your answer as a comment

Hope you all are able to solve this one :)
A surprise waiting for all winners ….will be given soon…

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flair Bit

Today we bought six new dinning chairs. So nice to talk about it
My mom says that it is made of actual teak wood .Thus it costs much....
It has a woodish shade...I liked its color and style...

I was experimenting each and every part of it and wondering how did the workers join all
Those like a beautiful chair. Exceptionally I liked the work design of its front legs....quite scattered.
The seat cushions looks bulged out, don't they? yea that will change it shape as it gets used up..
At first sitting on the bulged cushion I felt like sitting on the elephants back...that do sound funny.!!.
Any way it looks beautiful in our dinning hall..

Now that new chairs replaced the old ones, the old ones are of not much use and are to be shifted
To somewhere else...??
My mom is very happy about that...and now she can sit properly as the plaster from her leg is removed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Who will win?

Today as I and my sister were playing badminton a dark grey cloud floated in the air and was above us. IT’S GOING TO RAIN!!!!! We were overjoyed for it had been ages since we saw a grey cloud. So we backed home expecting it to rain any moment. To my surprise I saw the sun slowly peeking out through a chink between the clouds and slowly slowly shadows began to be visible. (Though the sun is not out of those Grey clouds but is in a little gape between.)

OH NO! It’s not going to rain! I expected to make paper boats and hoped to see the puddles fill up again. My sis said that if there is some luck it may rain. Saying this we went back to play badminton but on the way back we saw all the shadows disappearing. The clouds had covered the sun again. We were in great confusion what to do. Alas we decided that we will wait a little and see who wins? As minutes passed by the condition had no change at all. So we left home. Reaching home our eyes met with the sun shining brightly without even a cloud covering it. After all the sun had won breaking all my expectations!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Painful Creativity

Mom’s leg is still plastered!!!!
It will be removed tomorrow…thank god!!! Not much to wait.
Now she has very well adjusted to walk with the fractured leg …even though it seems funny!

To my amazement I found some thing new and creative in my room today as I returned from church, a metal embossed frame. I thought it would have been gifted by someone to my mom! But it was not.
When I asked her about she told that it was made by herself…till this time she hid it from our reach .oh!!! I stood stunted for about a minute... I liked the work so much that I mistook it was bought…
As my mom was not to do any work at home she got bored and started with the metal embossing frame a long time ago…a right choice it was! I believe it to be …

I am very impressed by the way she thinks….she is enjoying every bit of her time at home which is caused due to injury~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot HOt HOooo..t

The temperature is very hot in my place.. each day it is rising….
It has reached 34 degree Celsius ...uch it hurts!!!

The summer heat is unbearable especially at school. The whole class room has only one fan that rotates very slow with a crackly sound …my class room is very huge and the ceiling is also at great height, so for those sitting far away from fan no other way than manual fanning with notebooks , text books etc…
Even one of my friends sitting nest to me bought a paper fan for fanning...actually it was a help for lot of us in the class…
I enjoyed all hours at the school viewing all those fanning heavily….
Thank god!! The class room had good ventilation but no hope for a cool breeze….
Dehydration made all in class very thirsty … water bottles all empty except for mine because I carry a huge one….
Quite an experience of quench!!!
I have not experienced such a situation like this ever before in my life…
Temperature is said to rise a lot more in the coming days which would further worsen the situation…
God knows what’s waiting ahead!!