Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rain Rain...........

I am sorry for not able to upload for the past days. I was very busy with my studies. Somehow found time to write something interesting.

Yesterday I was coming home from school. It was a pleasant bright evening. All the markets had great sale with people filled in. Crows were flying all around and singing there wonderful song. Cra cra. In a moment I noticed cars fro the opposite direction coming all wet and there wheels running a trail of water. For a moment I was shocked why on such a pleasant daycares coming wet! Then to my surprise I found a great sound of drops of water hitting the bus top. The roads were wet as a lake and all the people had umbrellas in their arms and even people running for shelter. I was sure all these didn’t happen in a second and when I turned back and looked to my surprise found, A line like the International date line which makes the time different in two region. But here it was not time but water. In the correct middle of the market had the rain stopped and we entered in just a few minutes ago. It was indeed a shook for me. I was watching the market what would happen half raining and another half not a drop.

All the people rushed into the ones not raining and got a huge profit where as the other side suffered.


Arkansas Patti said...

Loved the picture. When I lived in Florida we were used to it raining on one side of the street but not on the other. It is a marvel to behold how rain can be so precise.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting Susan---how the weather does crazy things sometimes. We can have clear skies over us---and there'll be rain just a few miles away... My hbby always laughs and says that WE have a huge UMBRELLA over us. There surely was a big umbrella over part of your market.

Have a wonderful day.

Patty said...

That happens here in our town, sometimes. I will be talking to our one daughter who lives about 8 blocks away, and she'll say it's raining here, and I tell her it's not raining here, at least not yet.

Hope you didn't get wet. Hope your studies went well.

Harumi said...

Hello Susan! Think this is my very first comment here.

Nice pic and an interesting experience. I've yet to see that marvel side by side.. but I do have experienced this phenomenon while traveling, where there's heavy pouring at one point and after few minutes not a single drop of rain. Nature is full of surprises.. isn't it? =D

oh and good luck with your studies too! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Isn't that strange how that can happen. Same thing happens in our city!

annie kelleher said...

ooh very cool photo ... !!!

Gaston Studio said...

Saw something similar to than when I was a teenager; so amazing, nature is.

Tickled pink said...

Yes Susan I've also witnessed something like this.

Your prose is also very poetic and rich in imagery.

Loved the description.

Happy study hour.

Dante d'Amore said...

I enjoyed following you on this site as well.

Best of luck,


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan:)

Very interesting post. Amazing phenomenon. Very rarely we see such a thing happening. I suppose this is the way rain plays and teases people.

The photo is fantastic.

Have a lovely day Susan and all the best with your studies:)