Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CraZy ShOpING !!

I have a very exciting thing to share with you.

A new textile shop called “CHENNAI SILKS” has been set up in my place, Kochi . It is a leading textile group which has started its market right from Chennai and so got its name.

Usually the price of cloths in Chennai is comparatively lesser than in Kochi as the textile weaving is a common occupation in there and thus most of the cloths are made there.

I have gone to “CHENNAI SILKS” shop branch in Chennai. So I thought the new branch set up in Kochi will be also great. Thus I insisted on going shopping to this one…..
When we reached there was a heavy rush of people and cars which resulted in heavy traffic blocks even in the road leading to this place.
Finally I got into the shop even though just through the crowd.
Once I entered the big hall I felt really exhausted. The crowd was so bad that we could even not stand properly as the people are busy selecting their cloths.

The construction of this shop is not fully complete. There were only two proper lifts to go by. But this did not matter the huge crowd. Whether the lift came or not people did not even mean to waist a bit of there time in the shop, all were happy climbing the steps that too in double pace.
While all this crush happing in one side I felt truly compressed and irritated in the crowd.

I some how wanted to get out of it. But that too was not possible due to the heavy rush. People entered the shop just like the water falling from waterfalls. Moreover the shop amazingly looked like just one ,watching the people climb down the steps
I never thought that people would be so crazy behind shopping.

Once you visit here, it will remain as a wonder in you forever !!!


Patty said...

Myself, I would have had to wait until the shop was completed and perhaps no so busy. I to dislike crowds where there's pushing and grabbing at items. I figure even a small savings is not worth all the hassle of the crowds and traffic. I hope you were able to purchase something.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Susan.... Must have been a popular place!!!! I hate shopping in crowds also. You will need to go back sometime when there aren't as many people there. I'll bet it is a fancy place--and that's why everyone is "Crazy shopping"!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not too crazy about crowds. It tends to be like that when places are new. Sometimes it's better to let the "newness" wear off first. I hope you had a great time shopping!

Syd said...

It looks like a great place. I'm not much of a shopper but appreciate quality stuff.

Arkansas Patti said...

Must be an Ameerican thing. I hate crowds also. If all items were like the picture, can see why it was so busy.

Granny Annie said...

So, did you make an acquisition? Nope, I'm not a crowd person either and will forfiet some nice opportunities to avoid a large crush of people.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan:)

I saw this textile shop in MG road. Since it is located on this busy road coming in and out of the shop will be very difficult during peak hours.

I agree with you price in this shop will be cheaper and perhaps you will get a better variety also. Besides, service will also be better. But I wonder where people will park their cars. Seemati has a better parking place.

It is better to wait for some more days to pass and go there at the end of the month. The crowd is likely to be less. But as you know we Malayalees are crazy about gold and textiles:)

Have a wonderful day Susan:)

Tickled pink said...

Yes People are crazy about good shopping places and moat of the time we face such stampedes. But its fun.
Interesting post.When I'll visit Kochi then will sure hit this place coz m also crazy for shopping.
take care