Saturday, December 6, 2008

A coconut day


Today at morning as I woke up I saw my grandfather come with a man.

ma He was a coconut tree climber.
In our region coconuts are very important. Almost all homes had
coconut trees and in all our food preparations coconut does a major part.
Eating a tender coconut was very delicious and different from eating ordinary coconut. The coconut trees are always very

tall so we can’t pluck the coconuts just with our hands. Usually there are many people who take
climbing these trees as their work. Often such people ask high wages too. Really this is a very

dangerous as well as a risky work. One such man was this one.

He climbed up the tree and put them on to the ground. “Thud” the coconut fall down with a loud
sound. Any way coconuts won’t break because it has a thick spongy coating outside


protects it. After a while the man came down. Then I and my

young sister piled the coconuts up

and our mother packed them into the sacks for storing. All this work was very interesting and

exiting. After this excitement some thing very special awaited us

at the end. All to gather we got

four sacks full of lovely coconuts.

How exiting!


Paul said...

Fine; U had a coconut day. Did U drink coconut water? U didnt tell about the taste. Are the coconuts for storing alone? Paul PS.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

You could have asked that man to get some tender co-conuts for you.

This post reminds me of an incident that happened many years back. At that time we were living in Girinagar in Kadavanthara,Kochi. We had five good co-conut trees in our compound. We used to get a man to climb the trees and pluck the co-conuts for us and also another man to buy the co-conuts.

It was the month of December also. We got about 160 co-nuts.The man who bought the coconuts normally paid the money immediately on the spot. But this time he told us he didn't have money and that he will give us the money next day. We trusted him and gave him the nuts. He took them away very happily and never came back to pay the money.

At first we were very upset at being cheated.We cursed our foolishness. Later we consoled ourselves saying that it was Christmas season and we have done a good deed for a poor man.

How do you like this? Do you think what that man did to us was OK and our reason to forgive him for his misdeed alright?

Before I leave, I would like to remind you to ask the coconut plucker to get some tender nuts next time. You deserve to drink some tender coconuts for all the hard work you do :) :) :)I need not tell you that they are very refreshing and good for health.

Have a nice day :)