Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Bright Night

Two days back I was studying almost about seven in the evening. My studies

was very much disturbed because a group of my neighbors were talking very

loudly. So I just tried to look them through the window and make out why they

were talking so much.

Wow ! it was so beautiful. There I saw one house glowing in the dark. they had

lighted the whole house with “diyas”. As usual I ran out with my camera to

capture this sight. my neighbor was very happy to see me take photo of their

house and so she was very interested to lend some information to me.

She told that it was one Thrikkartika day

that they light their house with “diyas”.

In detail Thrikkarthika the most

important function among Brahmins (a division of Hindu’s,a

caste).Thrikkarthika is defined as the

Festival of Lights.

Then she invited me into main hall of their house and showed some food

preparations which they had kept for their God and some lanterns. This

preparation included banana and some other things like avil, malar ect . she

told that according to their custom at any hindu festivals they keep such a

preparation before their God “Ganapathy” and only after that they would eat .

After some time I came back home and I also thanked here for sharing


Maybe this made her very happy that she came gave that food preparation to us.

Yumm…. It was very sweet and tasty.


Anonymous said...

How interesting! The food sounds wonderful.

S said...

Your blog is very interesting.

My favorite Indian sweet is Mysore Pak.

Ms Martha Moore said...

well, thats the uniqueness of having a wide variety of friends from various background... learn more of theirs and share more of ours....



Pranav Kumar V said...

GEE!! I was out on the roads of Bangalore on the same day and went back home and tried asking people why a few houses were lit up!! But I got busy with something else before I heard what they said!! :P

Anyways, see you when I see you... :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

Very interesting information and excellent photos.

You have demonstrated by your action a very important lesson in making friends - IF YOU WANT TO MAKE GOOD FRIENDS, SHOW GENUINE INTEREST IN OTHERS AND THEIR ACTIVITIES.

I hope and pray that you will get good marks in your exams.

Best wishes :)

PULKIT said...

so intresting! want to know ur source of inspiration before putting up with ideas to get along with such work

Crea-Nette said...

Many thanks for the nice comment. Thanks to the on-line translation I can answer. Lots of love Janet

P.S. However, you have many Blogs. I will more exactly look around later sometimes.

Janie said...

Beautiful picture!

nikkicrumpet said...

Very pretty picture...and it's nice to learn new things...and who doesn't love yummy food!

Prashant Sree said...

Interesting to see that you embrace other cultures as openly as you embrace the sweet food ;)
Just kidding.,. :) I appreciate your broad minded attitude...

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Hi Susan. You have another nice blog here. Made an enjoyable read. I too like palada very much. :)