Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life In My Hands!

Some days ago I had seen a humming bird nest on a plant in my backyard.

It had made its nest in a calm dry edge where the rain could not extend its wet hands. The bird

had made it such a way that there was a roof like thing above. I never did venture to look inside

the nest whether there were eggs or not. But soon I had an opportunity to see it though sadly.

Today morning I went to watch the nest but I was not able to see it hang on the plant. But I saw it on the ground .Oh! It had fallen down. How painful.

I gently took the nest and looked inside. There were two little brown eggs. Thank God!

they were not broken. My next step was to hang it safely again so that the bird can hatch

its lovely eggs. I bought a rope, very strong one and tied the nest to another strong branch. I was afraid whether the mother bird would return to its nest. But to my surprise the bird came and got into its nest happily and thankfully looked at me. I became proud of myself for helping the bird out form the misery and the bird gave me a thankful smile as a reward.

I think I had made the nest more comfortable for the bird because as it was with a rope that I had tied the nest swayed to the breeze like a cradle.

Now I am looking forward the eggs to hatch into beautiful humming birds!


Anonymous said...

I love Hummingbirds! You did a wonderful thing. There needs to be more caring people in this world! Enjoy watching them hatch!

Janie said...

It will be exciting to see the babies! I hope you can take pictures!

You did a good thing!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

You did an excellent act of kindnes.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas full of fun,frolic,joy and happiness :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
This was a good story with a happy ending :) I am glad you were able to save the eggs. I hope to read more of your blog!

Simplicity said...

Oh what a lovely thing you did!! Show us photos of the birds when they hatch...if you can capture it!! :)

Mmm said...

how wonderful is that?! Fantastic.

hope you had a great xmas.and enjoy the rest of the hols.

BTw, is this the blog to follow of all the ones you have?! Wasn't sure.

FourOf5zs said...

I will for sure have to visit your blog again. A great story. I glanced at some of your other blogs... amazing!


Betsy said...

What a kind heart you have! I love birds, too...and hummingbirds are the sweetest! Thanks for visiting my blog..so great to meet new people. I'm putting you on my sidebar so I don't loose you! :)

Margie said...

Hi Susan, Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. I checked out all your blogs more than once and I think this is the one for me to comment on today. The hummingbird story is so special, mangoes sound fantastic and to think you are collecting them while we are here in the frost. hugs Margie.

Barbara said...

Such an interesting nest like nothing I have ever seen before. What with coconuts and mangoes I am fascinated to know where you live.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Amazing! I love hummingbirds. But, I've never seen a nest. Thanks for helping them out!!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Susan...that was sooo nice of you! Nature needs a little help every now and then, doesn't it? :-) I love seeing the birds nesting in my yard in the spring. Susan

Blu said...

What a beautiful story, and it is true. Best wishes from Brittany France

Tootie said...

That is a cute story and so nice of you to save the nest. I have seen LOTS of humming birds, but never a nest.

Carolynn said...

That is such a pretty, delicate nest. Just like the birds that built it. How lovely.

Thank you for stopping by to leave a message on my blog. How did you find me?

It looks like you live in a much warmer climate than I do. I'm envious!!

Feel free to stop by any time.