Friday, December 5, 2008

A Good life skill

Every Friday we have life skill classes. It was put on the last two class hours. We

always wondered what we were up to do. Often we went to places like news paper

office, post office etc to learn some things which were different. Even though we

did not enjoy this too much, today’s class was great.

It was a surprise that we were told to make eco friendly

pens. To make one is very simple. You just need to take

a color paper, wrap it around the pen’s refill tightly.

Then likewise make a cap out of paper. That’s all,

simple to do. But if you want it beautiful and creative it would take some time.

With my mind filled I took all what was required to make.

I tried on it hardly. It took me some time to finish though I got

a neat beautiful pen, while others were trying hard on it. I

was very excited about this because rarely such things

happen to me.

So I bought my pen on to my blog so that you can value my

creativity. What about it?

Good luck ^-^


Ms Martha Moore said...


I love it too dear....


Paul said...

Fantastic ! U are very creative !

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

Excellent pens.

May be I can borrow it for a few days :) :) :)

Many thanks for sharing.

Best wishes :)

--xh-- said...

:) the pen do look good...