Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Visitor

Today in the evening me and my sister was having a game

of badminton. As we were playing ,the cork fall out of our

compound. I ran out to take it. There I saw a goat grazing

along the street enjoying the tender grass. I watched it very

carefully and found that the goat was walking towards our

neighborhood for the tender leaves of the jackfruit tree

which was cut down just a day before. I have heard my

mom say that goats are especially very fond of jackfruit

leaves .So did this goat showed its fondness to the jackfruit

leaves. After enjoying this delicious meal it took a few steps

towards me. I did utilize this opportunity well enough. I took

a quick glance at it. It was white in color. Very fare it was .just at this second I heard a loud scream. Oh no! It was my

sister. She wanted me to return and play with her. I had forgotten all about our game. By this loud scream the goat

almost got numb with fear and ran down the street for its life.


Paul said...

Hi, Goats like the skin of jack fruit very much. If U give them one, they will become your regular visitor

Anna Lefler said...

What a sweet little goat!

Thanks for visiting my blog...happy new year.

:^) Anna

Betsy said...

What a cutie! He's just perfect! :)

Captain Dumbass said...

Cute goat.

Anonymous said...

Ahh.... how sweet! I drive by a little pasture everyday that has little goats in it (along with llamas). They are so cute!

steveroni said...

Once I saw a goat owned by Bill Grogan. It was feeling fine, as it ate three red shirts from off his line

Thank you for visiting my (Secondary) blog YA NEVER KNOW WHAT, and leaving a very kind comment.

I had trouble picking which one of yours to follow, but it's between MY VISION and-or-MY LITTLE THOUGHTS.

Well, steve, how 'bout BOTH! -grin

Ms Martha Moore said...


that is soo cute....

u and the goat...



Brother Tobias said...

Love the goat. But I am in absolute awe of your many blogs. Your vegetable art, pencil art, cake art and photography are all breath-taking, and I love the descriptions of your daily life. I don't understand how you find the time to do any of it, let alone read other blogs. Happy New Year to you too - and keep up the good work!

Marcela said...

Happy new year!!!

All my best wishes to you,

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I can understand how you could forget the game! what a cute goat - glad there was some jackfruit otherwise she my have gone after the badminton birdie!

thanks for visiting the mouse...good luck and happy new year!