Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday !!

Today it is a very happy day for me.
Its my sister’s 11th birthday. This is the gift I had for her.
She is very happy about that

My mom made the birthday cake this time with a little help from mine and then we had my grandma’s special mango shake which was really delicious.
Tonight we are going to have a very heavy dinner. So I thought of publishing this post before dinner which makes me very very sleepy.
I am anxiously waiting for the dinner.
So see you soon ….


Gaston Studio said...

How sweet!!!

Patty said...

Tell your sister Happy Birthday. Lovely gift you gave her. I can see why she likes it very much. Hope you enjoyed the (heavy) dinner and took a little nap after wards.

Anonymous said...

I hope your sister has a wonderful birthday!

Monsal Varga said...

I hope your sister had a wonderful birthday!

With such a talented sister, I'm sure she loved your present :)

Syd said...

Nice gift. Happy birthday to your sister.

Michele Williams said...

Tell you little sister Happy Birthday. Thank you for your prayers for my daughter Heather. I truly appreciate it very much. It is nice to meet you...

Alicia said...

Oh how sweet!!

And those mango shakes sound yummy!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Susan, Happy Birthday little Sister!!!!! What a nice gift you gave her.

Hope you had a great week/weekend.

We are glad to be home.. It was a wonderful trip --just getting to see my son and family. BUT--the weather was horrible. Oh Well!!!!

I'm going to check through some of your older blog posts.

-stephanie- said...

What beautiful blogs you have. Thank you for visiting my blog and reminding me to not eat candy. I think I'm going to make it through today.

Happy Birthday to your little sister.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

My belated birthday wishes to your dear sister. You gave her a lovely present.

You mother's birthday cake must have been really good because you helped her I know you are an expert. The dinner also should have been excellent and I am sure you enjoyed it.

Have a nice day Susan:)