Sunday, April 26, 2009

Any peacocks peaking by?

Today I had a function to attend in my cousin’s house. They have a large piece of land there. We have heard that peacocks live in those fields and come close to their home frequently. So they have got a huge collection of peacock feathers which they get fallen from the peacock’s body.
So today my uncle told that we ( me, my sister and our cousins) were to go out to the fields and see those peacocks peaking there. It was my wish to see one and now it is going to be true. So we set of together to the fields.

To see those peacocks we had a long journey to go. While I was going down the stone steps I lost my grip and I was on the ground. It did hurt a lot but my mind was badly willing to see those beautiful peacocks that I acted like nothing happened though my leg was aching. We hadn’t gone far when we saw two peacocks and their children peaking worms. I didn’t know how to express my joy and so I exploded

Saying cro cro crou those peacocks Fred for their lives and disappeared in a minute. Everybody looked at me rudely. “Sorry” was the only word which came in my mouth then.
My uncle said. That it was time to leave and we all left disappointed because we were not even able to look at them properly. We left very sadly but was very happy when we found peacock feathers on the way. Each of us took one of them. after we divided I decided that next time when I see peacocks I will keep the quietest.
Or would I be able to?


Patty said...

Well at least you got to see them, even if it was just for a fleeting moment. Sounds like it was a nice outing, also nice you were able to find some feathers.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Susan, you DID get to see them--even for a moment. Sorry you fell though.

You will have to go back sometime and try again. Peacocks are SO gorgeous--but from what I read, nobody wants them in THEIR backyard. ha

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Margaret Cloud said...

I hope you are okay, sometimes we hurt more the day after. That peacock feather is so pretty, glad you found some feathers. Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

annie kelleher said...

peacocks are such gorgeous birds! at least you got the feathers! lucky you!!!! happy spring!!

Gaston Studio said...

LOL, overly exhurbant? Did I even spell that right?

Granny Annie said...

Peacocks are wonderful to watch. One stray peacock in Kansas used to appear when I was throwing feed to the chickens and eat with them.

Anonymous said...

Peacocks are so pretty! On my way to work I drive by a house that has one. It freely wonders around the yard amongst the chickens. It's so cool! Glad that you got to at least get a glimpse of it.

Puneet said...

You got to see peacocks. i always wanted to see some. Great you kept the feathers!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan:)

You must have been very disappointed when the peacocks ran away.

You must be aware that peacock is the Indian National Bird.

The peacock dance is a fascinating sight to see. This dance by male peacock actually takes place when the male flares out his feathers to attract a female. I have seen this in chennai zoo many many years back. I do not know if there are peacocks in Trivandrum or Trissur zoos. Perhaps you can check it up.

The feather you have collected is very attractive. The dot in the middle is called the EYE. Sometimes you will find people selling these feathers in BROADWAY.

Have a nice day :)

Alicia said...

At the zoo here, you can see peacocks walking around freely! It's so tempting to walk up closely to them. But, if someone does, they run off!! LOL

OH..and thank you so much for that comment you made!! So sweet!!!!! I enjoy coming to your blog!