Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MEeee !!!!!!!!

Since two days in my place we were having dreadful lighting and thunder during the evenings.
Yesterday I went for a walk down the road when I saw the sky darken because of the rain clouds. I was happy in one way that it would bring down the temperature drastically.
As I felt that rain would slash out in any moment I started to run back home. Gentle cool breeze was skipping through my arms, I enjoyed it much. But later it turned out to a heavy storm opposing my direction of motion.

By the time I was home lighting followed by thunder began. The rain wasn’t heavy at all by the lighting had made it bright and the thunder pierced into my ears.

When both appeared together I must say that the earth was almost rumbling.
All these days I was longing for rain to calm down the temperature but who would ever long for such dreadful rain.

Some how as time passed all of it got over. Then I switched on to the television.
Oh gosh !!! my television got damaged due to those nasty lighting. Then I tried a hand checking the computer. “Thank” god it was safe. Now I have nothing much to do at home.

Today also we had this sort of rain . But before the lighting began all the plugs were removed from their socket for I didn’t want anything more to get damaged.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Susan, Where are you???? We had a couple of rough days (cold and snowy) --but today, it's already almost 60 degrees. Yeah Rah!!!

Sorry about your TV. Be sure and put everyone on a power strip --one that will prevent the lightning from ruining your appliances.

Sounds like a rough storm. Glad you made it home okay.

Angela said...

wow..sounds like a pretty bad storm hit you...we ended up getting snow...two days in a row. Thank God the sun is out and has melted it all...

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

We had a similar experience last year and I had to spend Rs.4000 to get the TV repaired.

From then onwards we also pull out the plugs from the socket whenever we heat thunder.

Have a blessed Easter,Susan :)

Anonymous said...

Glad that you made it home before "the bottom fell out". Sorry you lost your TV. That's a bummer!

Susie said...

Sorry about your tv, that happened to us once as well. Glad your computer didn't get struck. I would be lost without mine!

Granny Annie said...

We have lost our computer in storms a couple of times but never the TV. Hope it's fixed now.

Well, I took the plunge and picked My Vision as your blog to follow. All your blogs are creative and beautiful, so it was difficult. I'll have to become a lurker at the others too.

Thanks for your well wishes for Ron after his accident! It seems like he is going to be fine. WhooHoo!

Margaret Cloud said...

I always get scared of bad storms, I am afraid of a tree falling on the house. We do need a good rain, it is still very chilly hear. Hope you have a very nice Easter.

Patty said...

Sorry your TV got damaged, glad your computer didn't I hate the lightening, thunder I can manage, but the lightening strikes always scare me a little. Plus we have three sky lights in our home and the lightening really flashes through those.