Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun behind Use

Here I have got a video that you would truly enjoy.
It is a bit funny to see but it consists of an enchanting vision of future

The only fact I know about this car is that it uses an old Egyptian technology.
I wonder how people of those days had a great vision like this one for the future
It seems extremely funny but there is a great use hidden behind it…
I must admit that it is very easy to park a car like this one in a crowded place without any second thought . But if though we own a car like this I am sure people will laugh at (including me) without knowing the great use behind or may be knowingly.

I really am doubted now thinking how it does appear funny ?????


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How funny, Susan... I never could parallel park--although I had to do it when I got my drivers' license many years ago! That little car would help me for sure---although I stay away from parallel parking places to this day!!!! ha


Patty said...

Looks pretty neat, wonder if anyone has really invented something like that yet and if it really does work? Sure would make parking a lot easier.

Monsal Varga said...

The great thing about it is that it works! In a regular car, of a regular driver.
I've seen a lot of futuristic solutions but either on expensive prototypes or still only as a project.

Great video!

Anonymous said...

That is really neat. Sure would help out on the parallel parking.

June Saville said...

I want one! June in Oz