Friday, January 9, 2009

Shadow Life

Today I had library class . I was lucky enough to get a book titled
‘Shadow Life’ written by Barry Denenberg. Actually it is a portrait of
Anne Frank and her family. I found it very interesting.
The author illuminates the story of Anne frank and her family along
with the world in which her family were forced to thrive
during World War 2.
Due to the anti Jewish criticism the family had to flee from Frankfurt
,Germany to Amsterdam where they hoped to lead a normal peaceful
But instead they where once again followed by misery and were forced to go hiding for two years. This
also includes a Frictional diary from Margot, Anne Frank’s elder sister. The
horrifying reality of the last months of the frank family is included in Margot’s diary which spreads
more of life, reality into the reader.

At the end it is very difficult to make our mind believe that such a life was lead by a Jewish family many
years ago and this thought brings an extraordinary pressure in me.


Anonymous said...

I have always been intrigued with this family since I read the Diary of Anne Frank as a child. I actually bought the book several years ago and read it as an adult. I have not read the book that you have. How humans can be that cruel to one another is something that I will never understand. Someday my dream is to visit Germany and tour several of the concentration camps.

Blue Fairy meets Gepetto said...

Can you believe that I´ve never read the Diary?
I'll try to get the book or at least read it online if I find it.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I need you to send me an email with your name and address and which blog you want them to look at to know what you like and what you dont for the bow swap..
Have a Great Weekend..

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Did you see BBC's version of Anne Frank's diaries lately? If not I'm sure it'll be out on DVD soon. Apparently it was the nearest version of the diaries themselves...I did not see it unfortunately but will try to when I get a moment. If you are in the will be on i player through the internet for another couple of weeks I think. Thanks for popping over to mine. Hx

Pranav Kumar V said...

AWESOME!! Thanks for reminding!! The The Diary of Anne Frank was always on my to-do list and I completely forgot!! I'm getting the movie now... and probably the book too!!

@Hadriana's Treasures : Yup. The DVD is out and so is a torrent!! :P Just dowmload!! :)

See you when I see you... :)

Varun_raj said...

hey there.... i like the way u went about with this one..... pretty interesting write up.....

Jason, as himself said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on The Jason Show.

I loved reading The Diary of Anne Frank. It blows my mind that this kind of thing actually happened, yet it was not that long ago.

I hope to see you around!

Pam D said...

Wow... first, thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. And I am just floored at your blogs and the absolute diverse talent that you possess! I will be bookmarking.. and following.. and feeling blessed to have found you!

Dawnie said...

I read this when I was a very young girl and quite a few times after that. The impact she had on me--and this entire world is amazing. She truly was a shining star and such a short lived one. Its amazing how many people she touched without ever meeting a single one of them.

M. Umer Toor said...

Oh I love Annie Frank's revered autobiography. A great inspiration to me.

PS: And thanks for your kind words...

Humble regards!