Friday, January 23, 2009

A Vera !!

In my school corridor many ornamental plants are kept. One day me
and my friend was passing by the corridor. I saw a plant that looked
very different from others. It looked very watery and its leaves were
very thick with thorns at edges. In my curiosity I plucked a bit of the
leaf to test what was inside.
Uh hhhhh! A jelly like transparent liquid splashed on to my hand. I
looked inside the leaf, very different it was. Inside it was a jelly like
transparent liquid. The leaf pretended to be a glass filled with cold ice
in it. Of course the jelly had a cooling effect on my hand.
My friend informed me that it was “ ALOE VERA” ,a verity of cactus. She also told me that this plant is of great herbal
value. The jelly liquid inside it is used in most of the soaps and moisturizers. It was new information to me.
Now I am looking forward to get a one in my garden


Anonymous said...

My Grannie had an aloe vera plant. We loved it. It soothes burns as well. That is what she used it for.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful your Vision.

Pranav Kumar V said...

yeah yeah!! I remember Aloe-vera in my school too!! Every time someone got hurt, we ran there and rubbed the jelly on.. and everytime the doctor on campus who grew it cursed us for ruining her plant!! ;)

See you when I see you... :)

Andrea said...

Aloe vera's pretty cool. I had one for awhile, but I'm not very good with plants. :(

Daphine said...

This is one GREAT plant to have.

Pearl said...

i love aloe vera plant! i burnt my hand one time and my mother cut off part of a leaf and stuck it in the fridge... a little bit later, i had fresh, cool aloe vera to lather upon my burn!

Blue Fairy meets Gepetto said...

we have one of those, and you have just me reminded of that! txs !

आकांक्षा~Akanksha said...

आपके ब्लॉग पर आकर सुखद अनुभूति हुयी.इस गणतंत्र दिवस पर यह हार्दिक शुभकामना और विश्वास कि आपकी सृजनधर्मिता यूँ ही नित आगे बढती रहे. इस पर्व पर "शब्द शिखर'' पर मेरे आलेख "लोक चेतना में स्वाधीनता की लय'' का अवलोकन करें और यदि पसंद आये तो दो शब्दों की अपेक्षा.....!!!

Nebula said...

Go ahead!
Go Green!! :D

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

Very interesting post.

I learnt so much about this plant. Your curiosity led to so much information.

Many thanks.

Best wishes :)

Judy said...

I love Aloe plants. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you come again soon.