Monday, January 12, 2009

Treasures of Nature

There is park some what near to our home. It is only for our words that it appear to be a park, just a small plot with two swings. There stood three well grown trees. They were very old, even before my birth they stood. I was accustomed to see them there since my birth. Moreover they provided a good shelter and home for many varieties of birds and of course for the visitors too.

When I was very young often I used to go there to watch birds and their lovely nests. It bought an extraordinary excitement in me.

Today as I returned from school I saw a very sad sight
Oh! They had fallen those trees for the wood. Oh! Those trees
marked my childhood. Now they are no more. Only left is some leaves.

Many birds lost their nest along with their siblings.
I saw them a gliding along the clear sky aimlessly with no green spot to see. Many nests I saw on the ground and many siblings crying out with there unknown plight. What can be their future ?
Here I am helpless.
After all this only one thing we got to ponder about
Is it all because of our greediness?


Anonymous said...

it'looks like the tree was rotting and had to be felled sorry.POD. May God bless you and yours with joy and peace.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I need your address and full name and what site you want the person to look at emailed to me .. for the bow swap..
It is almost over..
2 more days..

buffalodick said...

Mother Nature has a plan, and sometimes it is not what we wish to have happen.... Ask anyone who has suffered the loss of a pet...

Janie said...

That's sad...

Anonymous said...

How sad! Sometimes these things have to happen because the trees get sick. We lost all of our Red Oaks last year due to disease. We cut down one and have 2 more to get down. I hate it too!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

It is very unfortunate that the tree which gave you so much happiness and a dwelling place for a variety of birds was cut down by some heartless people who want to make money without any consideration whatsoever.

This kind of indiscriminate tree felling has changed the weather conditions and has resulted in affecting our climate adversely.

It is a pity that those birds must have got a shock to see their homes gone. They will have to look for another place to build their nests. It will take time and trouble and in the meanwhile they will have to suffer without a resting place. What a pity!

Man can be extremely cruel at times!

Many thanks for this thought provoking post with a lovely photo.

Have a wonderful day :)

Blu said...

Here in France there is a tree Felling season, and it doesnt coincide with the birds nesting.

Sandy Toes said...

That's sad...sandy toe